KKHSOU Exam Results 2017 Degree www.kkhsou.in Results 2017 2nd Semester 4th Semester 6th Semester

KKHSOU results 2017 www.kkhsou.in result 2017 of BPP BA BCom BCA BBA BMC

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Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University exam results 2017 of BA, B.Com, BCA, BBA, BPP and BMC are declared for part 1, part 2, part 3, 1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 5th semester, 6th semester and main paper/back paper updated by BoardUnivResult.

Latest KKHSOU Results 2017 News:

01.02.2018: KKHSOU MCA 5th sem result 2017 updated at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Feb_2018/01022018_114842_MCA5_Result.pdf and KKHSOU MBA 5th sem result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Feb_2018/01022018_114818_MBA5_Result.pdf

05.01.2018: KKHSOU BA 3rd year result 2017 updated at http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Jan_2018/05012018_114752_BAYR3_Result.pdf and KKHSOU BMC 3rd year result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Jan_2018/05012018_114811_BMCYR3_Result.pdf

01.12.2017: KKHSOU BA 6th sem result 2017 updated at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Dec_2017/01122017_092001_BA6_MAJ_RESULT.pdf for Major and http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Dec_2017/01122017_092153_BA6_PASS_RESULT.pdf for pass list

29.11.2017: KKHSOU BBA 6th sem result 2017 updated at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/29112017_125127_BBA6_Result.pdf, KKHSOU BCA 6th sem result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/29112017_125145_BCA6_Result.pdf, KKHSOU B.Com 6th sem result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/29112017_125208_BCOM6_Result.pdf, KKHSOU BMC 6th sem result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/29112017_125241_BMC6_Result.pdf and KKHSOU BCA 2nd sem result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/29112017_125807_BCA2_Result.pdf

17.11.2017: KKHSOU BA 4th sem result 2017 updated at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/17112017_112543_BA4_Major_Result_2017.pdf of Major and http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/17112017_112716_BA4_Pass_Result_2017.pdf of Pass List

05.11.2017: KKHSOU BA 2nd sem result 2017 updated at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/05112017_061520_BA2_Result.pdf, KKHSOU BBA 2nd sem result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/05112017_061559_BBA2_Result.pdf and KKHSOU B.Com 2nd sem result 2017 at: http://www.kkhsou.in/web/UploadedFiles/Nov_2017/05112017_061639_BCOM2_Result.pdf

KKHSOU UG Exam Results 2017:

KKHSOU degree 2nd sem results 2017, KKHSOU degree 4th sem results 2017 and KKHSOU degree 6th sem results 2017 along with 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year annual exams.

Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University publishes MBA, MA, MMC and MCA results 2017 of semester exams.

Check KKHSOU Result 2017 at: www.kkhsou.in/web/student_corner/examutility/noticeNresults.php

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