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www.mahresult.nic.in 2018 of MAH SSC result 2018 for www.msbshse.ac.in results 2018 at mahresult.nic.in

Mahresult.nic.in and www.msbshse.ac.in declares Class 10th and Class 12th Maharashtra Board results 2018 announced by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary for February/March, 2018 annul exam.

Official source to check Mahresult.nic.in SSC 2018 updated at: www.mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/ssc2018.htm on June 7, 2018 at 1PM; http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/SS-OVALL.htm for overall performance, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/SS-MFP.htm gender-wise, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/SS-GRADE.htm grade-wise, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/SS-SUBJ.htm subject-wise, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/SS-RANGE.htm percentage-wise; http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/pune.htm for Pune, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/Nagpur.htm for Nagpur, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/aurangabad.htm for Aurangabad, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/mumbai.htm for Mumbai, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/kolhapur.htm for Kolhapur, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/amravati.htm for Amravati, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/nashik.htm for Nashik, http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/latur.htm for Latur and http://mahresult.nic.in/ssc2018/konkan.htm for Konkan

Official source to check Mahresult.nic.in HSC 2018 updated at: www.mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/hsc2018.htm on May 30, 2018 at 1PM; http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/HS-OVALL.htm for overall performance, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/HS-MFP.htm gender-wise, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/HS-GRADE.htm grade-wise, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/HS-SUBJ.htm subject-wise, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/HS-STRM.htm stream-wise; http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/pune.htm for Pune, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/Nagpur.htm for Nagpur, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/aurangabad.htm for Aurangabad, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/mumbai.htm for Mumbai, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/kolhapur.htm for Kolhapur, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/amravati.htm for Amravati, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/nashik.htm for Nashik, http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/latur.htm for Latur and http://mahresult.nic.in/hsc2018/konkan.htm for Konkan

www.mahresult.nic.in SSC 2018 is declared for annual exam conducted from 1st March, 2018 and www.mahresult.nic.in HSC 2018 for annual exam conducted from 21st February, 2018 updated by BoardUnivResult.

Mahresult.nic.in 2018 of Class 10 and Class 12:

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary (MSBSHSE), mahahsscboard.maharashtra.gov.in, is an autonomous body established under the provisions of the Maharashtra Act No. 41 of 1965. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune came ahead to regular secondary education on 1st January, 1966. However, in 1976 the act was amended and it got its present name. Maharashtra State Board has its 9 divisional boards - Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nasik, Kolhapur, Amravati, Latur, Nagpur and Konkan.

MSBSHSE 12th Results 2018 Arts, Commerce, Science:

Mahresult.nic.in releases Maharashtra 12th results 2018 of March exam school-wise, name-wise and district-wise along with merit list, total marks and % of marks. MSBSHSE 12th result 2018 is announced for Arts, Commerce and Science.

MSBSHSE 10th Result 2018 of General/Vocational:

Www.mahresult.nic.in publishes Maharashtra Board 10th results 2018 of March exam school-wise, name-wise and district-wise along with total marks, merit list and percentage of marks. MSBSHSE 10th result 2018 is announced for general and vocational courses.

Check Maharashtra Board result 2018 date 10th, 12th at: www.mahresult.nic.in, www.msbshse.ac.in

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