NMU Jalgaon FYBSc Result 2018 of Sem 2 and Sem 1 of March/April IDEAL College-Wise

NMU FYBSc results 2018 of seat-number-wise for 1st semester, 2nd semester March/April, IDEAL

North Maharashtra University is going to announce Bachelor of Science courses for March/April 1st half semester NMU Jalgaon FYBSc result 2018. Appeared students in Regular, Revaluation and Verification examinations may check NMU FYBSc result 2018 to download marksheet.

North Maharashtra University successfully announces NMU Jalgaon FYBSc results 2018 for 2nd semester and 1st semester. A huge number of students had participated in North Maharashtra University March/April even semester examinations and now they are waiting for North Maharashtra University FYBSc results 2018 updated by BoardUnivResult.

The Most Recent NMU FYBSc Results 2018 of 1st Year/IDEAL News for March/April:

  1. NMU FYBSc 60+40 pattern result 2018 by college-code updated at: http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20100001-100003.pdf for College Code 100001 to 100003, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20100009-120017.pdf for College Code 100009 to 120017, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20130020-150056.pdf for College Code 130020 to 150056, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20160030-180128.pdf for College Code 160030 to 180128, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20190040-200001.pdf for College Code 190040 to 200001, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20200002-200111.pdf for College Code 200002 to 200111, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20210026-220126.pdf for College Code 210026 to 220126, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20230033-240051.pdf for College Code 230033 to 240051 and http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%206040%20240120-280061.pdf for College Code 240120 to 280061 on May 16, 2018
  2. NMU FYBSc CGPA result 2018 updated at: http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBSc%20CGPA%20Sem%20II.pdf on May 16, 2018
  3. NMU FYBSc Voc 60+40 Pattern result 2018 updated at: http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBVoc%206040%20Sem%20II.pdf on May 16, 2018
  4. NMU FYBSc Voc CGPA Pattern result 2018 updated at: http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FYBVoc%20CGPA%20Sem%20II.pdf on May 16, 2018
  5. NMU FYBSc result 2017 updated at: http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/100001-100066%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 100001 to 100066 of sem 1 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/100074-130020%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 100074 to 130020 of 1st sem 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/130021-160031%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 130021 to 160031 of sem 1 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/170032-190042%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 170032 to 190042 of sem 1 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/200001-200058%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 200001 to 200058 of sem 1 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/200073-220053%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 200073 to 220053 of sem 1 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/220126-240036%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 220126 to 240036 of 1st sem 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/240051-280061%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20I.pdf for College Code 240051 to 280061 of 1st sem 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/100001-120017%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20II.pdf for College Code 100001 to 120017 of sem 2 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/130020-170034%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20II.pdf for College Code 130020 to 170034 of sem 2 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/170117-200002%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20II.pdf for College Code 170117 to 200001 of 2nd sem 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/200005-230033%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20II.pdf for College Code 200005 to 230033 for sem 2 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/230056-280061%20BSc%2060-40%20Sem%20II.pdf for College Code 230056 to 280061 of sem 2 60+40, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FY%20BSc%20CGPA%20Sem%20II.pdf for CGPA Pattern, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FY%20BVoc%206040%20Sem%20I.pdf for Vocational 60+40 Pattern sem 1, http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FY%20BVoc%206040%20Sem%20II.pdf Vocational of 60+40 Pattern 2nd sem and http://nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/WebFiles/FY%20BVoc%20CGPA%20Sem%20II.pdf for Vocational CGPA Pattern on December 19, 2017

North Maharashtra University FYBSc Result 2018 for Hons, Gen, Vocational:

FYBSc NMU result 2018 is announced for Bachelor of Science. So, if the students have appeared in the CBCS examination, can check nmu.ac.in FYBSc result 2018 for Honors, General, Vocational and Revaluation. The Jalgaon University FYBSc result 2018 is going to declare for CGPA, SGPA March/April North Maharashtra University examinations.

Marks statement can be downloaded by checking www.nmu.ac.in FYBSc result 2018. Students just have to click over print option opening www.nmu.ac.in FYBSc results 2018 to take a print out of marks statement. NMU FYBSc sem 1 result 2018 and NMU FYBSc sem 2 result 2018 are announced for various courses.

NMU Jalgaon FYBSc Result March 2018 of Regular/Rechecking:

Students of North Maharashtra University, autonomous colleges, research centers and the affiliated colleges who have appeared in the end semester examinations, can check North Maharashtra University Jalgaon FYBSc result 2018 name-wise and roll-wise. So, the announcement of NMU FYBSc result April 2018 is done for regular, supply, redressal, IDEAL examinations. Marksheet of NMU Jalgaon FYBSc result 2018 is made available to download to see the marks memo, percentage of marks and total marks subject-wise.

NMU Jalgaon IDEAL FYBSc Results 2018 for 1st Year:

North Maharashtra University, Institute of Distance and Open Learning releases 1st year NMU IDEAL FYBSc result 2018 for CBCS of 60-40, 75:25, 80-20 credit system pattern. However, NMU Jalgaon FYBSc IDEAL result 2018 is announced for 2nd semester and 1st semester by seat number college-wise for CGPA, SGPA, verification, etc.

Check NMU Jalgaon B.Sc 2nd sem result 2018, NMU Jalgaon B.Sc 1st sem result 2018 at: nmuj.digitaluniversity.ac/Content.aspx?ID=29290

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