www.result.prd.kerala.gov.in SSLC to Release at www.prd.kerala.gov.in for PRD Kerala SSLC Result 2018 School-Wise

www.result.prd.kerala.gov.in SSLC 2018 of prd.kerala.gov.in result 2018 for PRD Kerala 10th result 2018 name-wise

Students should know that www.result.prd.kerala.gov.in publishes SSLC/THSLC examination results along with Hearing Impairment and Say. However, result.prd.kerala.gov.in has also not confirmed about SAY and Hearing Impairment. At present, www.prd.kerala.gov.in publishes SSLC/THSLC class 10 results updated by BoardUnivResult.

New updates on 05.05.2017 for PRD SSLC result 2017: http://www.prd.kerala.gov.in/, http://www.prd.kerala.gov.in/edu_dist_result.php school-wise, http://www.prd.kerala.gov.in/pdf_files/AHSLC_RESULT_2017.pdf for AHSSLC, http://www.prd.kerala.gov.in/pdf_files/SSLC_HEARING_IMPAIRED_RESULT_2017.pdf for SSLC HI, http://www.prd.kerala.gov.in/pdf_files/THSLC_HEARING_IMPAIRED_RESULT_2017.pdf for THSLC HI and http://www.prd.kerala.gov.in/edrest.php for district-wise merit list

Prd.kerala.gov.in SSLC Results 2018 Announcement:

www.prd.kerala.gov.in is ready to release Secondary School Leaving Certificate and Technical School Leaving Certificate Examination results 2018 as per the scheduled date and time on May 5th, 2018 after 2PM onwards. The date of publishing PRD SSLC result 2018 for Secondary School Leaving Certificate is to be confirmed by result.prd.kerala.gov.in.

www.prd.kerala.gov.in SSLC Results 2018 School-Wise:

We must say that students may download Kerala PRD SSLC results 2018 of SSLC/THSLC from www.prd.kerala.gov.in/results.htm school-wise and name-wise.

There are some other websites also which update www.prd.kerala.gov.in 10th result 2018 name-wise and roll number-wise. The direct sources have been updated by result.prd.kerala.gov.in to check class 10.

About www.prd.kerala.gov.in:

www.prd.kerala.gov.in is responsible of publishing SSLC/THSLC/AHSLC results 2018. At present, www.result.prd.kerala.gov.in 2018 is ready to publish AHSLC result also.

So, result.prd.kerala.gov.in 2018 publishes SSLC/THSLC/AHSLC results 2018 of Kerala Board. So, students must stay with us or www.prd.kerala.gov.in to check the result.

Check PRD Kerala SSLC results 2018 at: result.prd.kerala.gov.in

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